About Us

Shine group is established since 1986. Last three decades we are working in electrical transmission, distribution, transformer and electrical machines. Shine electrical is leading designer and the manufacturer of welding and cutting equipments. The company develops, manufactures, and distributors of welding and cutting equipments and the other related welding accessories. The R & d section of Shine electrical has several professors and their graduate students and welding technology experts.

Shine electricals has offered excellent products, service, and technical support throughout welding equipment area. our line of welding machine products includes SMAW, ARC, TIG, SPOT, SEEM, SAW, MIG/MAG, AIR Plasma Cutter, CNC Welding Machine. as well as variety of accessories. Uncompromising in its high standard, shine electricals making every effort to provide its custumers with high functional and adaptable products that are easy to install and maintain.

Quality Control :

  • Shine electricals maintaining the various quality standards.
  • AN ISO 9001: 2008 Certified company.
  • CE certification.

High Quality Guaranteed :

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of welding and cutting equipments. Shine electricals is dedicated to quality control by ensuring quality in every step of the manufacturing process. Our quality assurance management includes :

  • A set of detailed procedures that covers all manufacturing processes.
  • Monitoring processes to ensure their efectivenses.
  • Keeping adequate records
  • Checking outputs for defects , with appropriate corrective action wherever necessary.
  • Regular review of individual processes and the quality system itself  for effectiveness.
  • Facilitating continuous improvement.
  • Quality product and strict standards help shine electricals save costs , educate employees and create a better product that meet custumer exceptions. Our critical quality control routine includes.

Our Quality Control Routine Includes :

  • inspecting incoming supplies.
  • monitoring manufacturing processes.
  • inspecting finished products.
  • responding to custumer complaints.

Testing Lab :

We have inhouse testing lab with modern facilities. We specially designed welding and cutting equipments for harsh industrial environment. We major testing facilities. Measurement of voltage, Current, Power, Energy, Power factor, Temperature, Lumens, Insulation resistance,Vibration Testing , Dust Testing Impulse Testing, Photometric tests, Endurance Testing Cold Testing, Tensile Testing , Protection against ingress of Water and Dust , Air delivery of Fans. The addition of a high-speed switching system to a test system’s configuration allows for faster, more cost-effective testing of multiple devices, and is designed to reduce both test errors and costs. Designing a test system’s switching configuration requires an understanding of the signals to be switched and the tests to be performed, as well as the switching hardware form factors available.

  • vibration test : 10-150 hz frequency, acceleration test  10m/sec2, test cycle 20.
  • drop test : power source weight <25 kg, test height 250 mm.
  • temperature test : -40 to +80 0 c,test time 60 mins
  • rain test : standard : ip21 , test method : water drops vertically, drop volume : 1 l/min test time 60 sec
  • emc test : radiated emission test  temprature : 15 – 35 0 c, humidity  test : 45 – 75 %, dust  :  2 kg/ m3, test time :  100 mintues.


    1. passing the insulation resistence and dielectric strength test.
    2. less dust deposition on the module  (igbt module )
    3. phase rectifier  module, fast recovery diode module.
    4. the machine works perfect after extreme temperatures.

Sales & Distribution :

With large sales and marketing staff and distribution facilities in 20 cities of india. Shine electricals sells its products both domestic and international companies with a large custumer network. Shine electricals invertor welding machine is best selling welding machine.

  • Steel and structure construction.
  • Shipyards
  • Power station construction
  • Maintenance shop
  • Light and heavy industries
  • Petrochemical construction
  • Pressure container manufacture
  • Automobile manufacture
  • Bicycle manufacture
  • Bridge construction
  • Aluminium products

Currently we are seeking distributers or custumers for our welding equipments, we offer attractive price package, professional after sale services. Which includes troubleshooting technical support, comprehension training for our distributors / custumers. Plese contact purchase@shineelectricals.com for further information. We always trust on innovation, truth, efficiency & smart team work. We would appreciate your esteemed enquires and look forward to the pleasure reciving your valuable response.

Your Staisfication Is Our First Priority :

Besides high quality welding machine, we offer you one year guaranty and best service after one year . we provide you life time technical support. Our expert technical team sort out the machine fault on site with minimum breakdown time. Shine electricals is a high quality manufacturer of the welding and cutting equipments. The stable supplier and rapid supply chain assured us to finish the order on time, and cut the cost of production. Therefore our welding machines are highly competitive on prices.

Currently we are seeking distributers or custumers for our welding equipments, we offer attractive price package, professional after sale services. Which includes troubleshooting technical support, comprehension training for our distributors / custumers. Plese contact    info@shineelectricals.com  for further information.

General Information
Company Name : shine electricals
Business Type : Manufacturer, Exporter
Product Services : dc arc invertor welding machine, dc invertor mig/mag welding machine, dc invertor plasma cutting machine, dc invertor tig welding machine.
Country : INDIA