Argon Welding Machine Accessories

We provide tungsten electrodes, tungsten welding electrode, pure tungsten electrode. Tungsten's unique properties as a high performance material, including a melting point of 3410' C, low vapor pressure at elevated temperatures and low coefficient of thermal expansion, make it of value in a variety of high temperature products and processes. Among them are glass-to-metal seal parts and support parts for lighting and electronics, silicon rectifier stud mounts and high temperature furnace components.

We offer a range of argon torch set that provide safe and reliable operations. These portable welding torch, argon welding torch were developed for inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry and can be availed in standard as well as customized sizes, with swagged welding tips or detachable small male tread tips with brass holders. These portable welding torch, argon welding torch can be availed from us at market leading prices.

We offer a quality range of Two Stage Regulators that have been designed for corrosive and non-corrosive gases that require precise, stable, delivery pressure control. Designed with its select, internal component ratios, these regulators have a unique seal complete protection against leak. Customized as per client's specific requirement, we offer these regulators at market leading prices.

Co2 Pre-heater (110v/230v/36v)

Co2 Welding Guns
25AK/24KD G-Tech Gun (25 Sq. MM ribbes Cable)

Co2 Welding Guns
36 KD G-Tech Gun (50Sq. MM Ribbed cable)

Co2 Welding Guns
KR-350 G-Tech
(35 Sq. MM ribbed Cable)

Argon Co2 Flow meter

Short Back Caps 9/20 Series

Long Back Caps 12 Series

Long Back Caps 17/18/26 Series

Long Back Caps 18/26 Series

Medium Back Caps 9/20 Series

Short Back Caps 17/18/26 Series

Short Back Caps 12 Series

Valve Back Caps 9/17/20 Series

Tungsten Electrode

Welding Gun 24 KD

Welding Gun 25 Ak

Welding Gun 200A

Welding Gun 350A

Welding Gun 500A

Yamato Brand Regulator

TIG Collects, Collect Bodies & Gas lenses

9/20 Series

9/20 Series

10N Series (17/18/26)

10NS Series (17/18/26)

10N Series (17/18/26)

12 Series

13N Series (9/20)

13NL Series (9/20)

13N Series (9/20)

17/18/26 Series

17/18/26 Series

17CB Series (17/18/26)

27 Series

57N Series (27)

85Z Series (12)