CNC Cutting Machine

CNC Cutting Machine

FRAME : Gantry box beam with good carrying capacity, is adaptable to wide-span, single side drive or double sides drive.For the compact structure,sufficient to eliminate the welding stress,its performance is stable and realiable.

GUIDE RALLS : Horizontal guide ralls using domestic or imported guide, is of high precision and good guidance. Longitudinal guide ralls made from special metals,with grinding surface ,has very high mechanical precision and abrasion resistance.

DRIVE RACK, GEAR : Drive rack and gear made by professional manufacturer, with carburization quenching, has high accuracy. Horizontal, longitudinal transmission use Germany NEUGART maintenance-free planetary gear reducer of high accuracy, large torque, low back lash

SERVO DRIVE : Our servo drive system is of Panasonic, character position detection function, high working precision and short acceleration time.

CUTTING TOOLS : Equipped with different cutting complement,the different cutting systerm can fulfill every kinds of flame,powder coating and plasma cutting ways etc. Equipped with high-power plasma cutting, it can meet different mataerial to be cutted.

GAS SYSTEM : Gas system is divided into gas control panel and gas distribution system, both made by the professional manufacture. Equipped with automatic ignition, backfire prevention device, it is stable and secure. According to customers’ requirement, other special function can be added.

Technical Specification :

Track width(mm)
4000 4500 5000 6000 6500 7000
Working width(mm) 3200 3700 4700 5200 5700 6200
Overall width (mm) 4800 5300 6300 6800 7300 7800
CNC system Hypertherm systerm or famous domestic brand
Plasma power Hypertherm or Australian
Torch lifting Stroke(mm) 170,200 optional
Idle sroke speed (mm/min) 0-10000
Cutting speed (mm/min) 0-6000
Flame cutting Thickness(mm) 6-160 / 6-300
Fuel gas category Ethyne or natural gas,propane
Base category H type or cement steel base, standard is H type
Longitude chain Up chain or down chain, standard is down chain