Induction Heating

Main features of induction heating machinery :

  • High frequency transistors saving up to 40-60%, saving water 60%, external support facilities to reduce investment by 75%
  • A unique cooling circulation system, ensure that the equipment 24 hours of continuous work
  • Small size, light weight, easy to move, no million-volt high-voltage danger, safe operation
  • High reliability, easy to maintain and improve the over voltage, over current, overheating, lack of, water and other self-protection
  • The use of large scale integrated circuit digital automatic control, with manual, automatic, semi-automatic and fixed time control
  • The frequency of automatic tracking, stepless power adjustment, easy to use, 10 minutes to learn
  • IGBT(SIEMENS) technology, high conversion efficiency
  • Energy saving 15%-30%, comparedto SCR/KGPS technology
  • Much more efficient than gas-fired and coal-fired method
  • 100% start-up success rate; power factor > 95%
  • Perfect and complete protection functions, increasing machine's reliability& stability
  • No special foundations required, Low operating cost, Easy operation
  • Modular design, ease of maintaining and repairing

Main Technical Parameters Of Induction Heating Machine :

Model: Induction Heating Machine
Worker power
Three phrase 380V/50Hz
Working voltage range (AC)
Max input current
As Per Your Requirement
Oscillation frequency
Continuous load rate
Cooling water pressure
Host weight
Transformer weight
Host dimensions
420x355x450 MM
Particular recommended
Gear quenching, work piece forging, blank
Temperature protection
50 degrees